Silver Ehiwario

I am currently a director of women who code in houston and also an IT project coordinatior at Houston Ballet.
I have a wealth of experience as a Process Engineer and have worked several years in the Oil and Gas petrochemical Industry. I successfully made a career upskill into the IT industry and i am currently a full stack software developer.
I have a strong passion in helping/mentoring people who are interested in the IT/Tech industry that want to make similar transition and to achieve that i have hosted various webinars and events to help  gain skills needed in the IT/Tech industry.

In Other to give back to the society i decided to start ITExperience INC, so that anyone interested in IT can seamlessly transition into the industry without any barrier. I want passion for IT to be the driving force into the IT industry.

ITExperience will be a platform for you to gain the experience you need to get that dream job or the courage to freelance. We intend to achieve this through expiate mentoring , working on real life projects , networking , internship , returnship , flexible work environment etc.

Welcome to our community, Lets make this work