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IBM SkillsBuild Training Program

IBM SkillsBuild provides access to digital training and professional credentials to prepare you for in-demand, entry-level roles in tech. Through a partnership with IBM, ITExperience offers you access to the premier version of IBM SkillsBuild that includes content created by IBM and other leading industry training providers. This version of the program is only available to learners affiliated with IBM partner organizations like ITExperience.

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Land a New Job

The IBM SkillsBuild Training program is designed to empower job seekers within 3-6 months through participation in hands-on, project-based learning

Become Certified

Earn badges and credentials recognized by the market, in local languages, and with personal mentoring.

Multiple Training Programs

Join a program to learn Cybersecurity, Fortinet Network Security, CompTIA Security+ Prep, Data Analysis, or Red Hat Certified System Administrator. 


Google Career Certificate Scholarship Program

ITExperience, in partnership with Grow With Google, is excited to offer our learning community the opportunity to obtain a Google Career Certificate in one of seven different areas.

1. User Experience (UX) Design
2.  Project Management
3.  Data Analytics
4.  IT Automation with Python

5. IT Support

6. Digital Marketing & E-Commerce

7. Cybersecurity

All applicants, who are truly committed to completing the certificate in 6 months, are welcome. No prior knowledge is required, just your determination to learn something new, collaborate with new friends, and potentially, change the course of your professional life. The Program is FREE

Please contact support@itexperience.org if you have any questions.
We are excited about starting this journey with you and we look forward to having you join the ITExperience learning community!

Earn Your Certificate

Sign up for a 6 month cohort to earn your Google Career Certificate, completely free of charge.

Learn New Skills

No prior knowledge is required, just your determination to learn something new, collaborate with new friends, and potentially, change the course of your professional life. 

Choose a Google Certificate

Get certified in UX Design, Project Management, Data Analytics, IT Automation, IT Support, Digital Marketing & E-Commerce, or Cybersecurity. 

IBM SkillsBuild Mentorship Program

IBM SkillsBuild mentorship program is a transformative experience that connects ambitious individuals with experienced professionals in their respective fields. Through this program, mentees gain access to invaluable insights and guidance from seasoned industry experts, who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and supporting the growth of the next generation of leaders.

IBM Mentor

Get A Mentor

The benefits of our SkillsBuild mentorship program are numerous. Mentees gain access to a valuable network of professionals, receive personalized coaching and feedback, and are exposed to new perspectives and ideas that can help them grow both personally and professionally. Mentors also benefit from the program, gaining a sense of fulfillment from helping others succeed and building their own leadership skills in the process..


Overall, our SkillsBuild mentorship program is a powerful tool for personal and professional growth. We invite anyone looking to take their career to the next level to join our program and experience the transformative power of mentorship.


Multiple Mentorship Opportunity

Ready to connect to the world of work? Join us for IBM SkillsBuild, start learning, and find a mentor



Free Digital Skills for Justice Impacted Individuals

This training is supposed to equip formerly incarcerated and people impacted by the justice system with the digital skills needed to get a job or start a business.

Grow with Google

In June 2022, Grow with Google announced a $4 million fund to help nonprofits bring digital skills lessons to justice-impacted communities. This training is supposed to equip formerly incarcerated and people impacted by the justice system with the digital skills needed to get a job or start a business.

New Opportunities

ITExperience is proud to be part of the non-profits selected out of the hundreds of organizations that applied for the program to provide digital skills programs to advance economic opportunity for people impacted by incarceration.

Helping Those Affected

If you have been formerly incarcerated or impacted by the justice system, you and your family are eligible for this free training. If you work with communities that are in this category and would like to work with us to build an inclusive economy please reach out to us.


Splunk Training Program

It is our hope that the Splunk training you receive through ITExperience helps prepare you for a successful career in our increasingly data-driven economy.

Committed To Supporting You

As part of its $100 million Splunk Pledge, Splunk has committed to supporting nonprofit organizations that provide skills training to individuals from communities that have been traditionally underrepresented in the technology industry. 

Why Splunk?

Technology and data skills are in high demand around the world and leading companies — including 89 of the Fortune 100 — rely on the Splunk platform. Splunk removes the barriers between data and action, empowering observability, IT and security teams to ensure their organizations are secure, resilient and innovative.

Free Courses in Relevant Technologies

Get Access to the free courses we offer in collaboration with Splunk and jobs. Become certified for free as a Splunk Core Certified Power User or a Splunk Core Certified User.

IBM AI Courses

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is the ability of a machine to perform cognitive functions that are associated with human minds, such as perceiving, reasoning, learning, and problem solving. Explore these learning activities for foundational knowledge of AI concepts, sometimes referred to as cognitive computing. You'll be able to explain what artificial intelligence is and how it can be applied in the professional world.

You have the option to complete the Artificial Intelligence Fundamentals courses to earn an IBM-recognized digital credential! or Build your own chatbot for your business without coding


Gain AI Skills

Gaining AI skills is crucial in today's evolving landscape. It opens doors to innovation, career growth, and problem-solving across industries. Understanding AI enables harnessing its potential for smarter decision-making, automation, and staying relevant in a tech-driven world.

Apply Today

Does artificial intelligence (AI) spark your interest? Here’s your chance to visualize yourself in an AI career! You’ll explore AI’s history, then see how it can change the world, Build your own virtual assistant etc.. Along the way, you’ll deep dive into ways that AI makes predictions, understands language and images, and learns using circuits inspired by the human brain. After a hands-on simulation in which you build and test a machine learning model, you’ll finish with tips on how to find your own career in artificial intelligence.

Free AI Courses

Get Access to the free AI courses we offer in collaboration with IBM. Work with a mentor to actualize your dream and help guide you along the way.