I find the YouTube video by Matt Uphams on Why Coding Bootcamp Grads can’t find jobs very interesting. Some of the reason why bootcampers can’t find Jobs as explained by Matt includes; not enough jobs for junior developers, too many bootcamps pushing out people who are looking for Junior developers’ jobs, Bootcampers competing with college graduates for junior developers jobs, location.

The video highlights the need for robust resume preparation showcasing a project mix in your portfolio. Your resume should have a mix of frontend, backend and fullstack development projects.  Matt also emphasize the need for daily practice and working on projects to keep your knowledge fresh and growing. See the full video link below. Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7uBunTxzyk

ITExperience is a platform that will help you gain the experience you need to boost your resume by providing real life projects for you to work on in collaboration with other project team members.

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