We are non- profit organisation that provides a platform where anyone interested in a career in the Technology/IT industry could gain experience that will help position them to land their dream job or start their own business. The target participant for the company includes: Upskillers, IT/Tech Bootcamp graduates, Fresh graduates in the technology industry, women returning to the industry.

The platform will draw mentors from the academic and industry experts. The role of the mentors will be to provide technical expertise to help guide the project team members as they work on various projects.

We plan to source for Tech/IT projects from the industries and government. The team members will be paired up in teams and assigned mentor(s) that will guide them towards timely and successful completion of the projects. Team members working on projects may be able to receive a stipend based on the project available funding.

The platform will tie in various resources the team members will need to successfully complete their project while gaining experiences that they will require to land a good job or move on to have their own business.

Tools that will be available in the platform will include, Github, Trello, mentoring, link to inline training platform such as Udemy, Coursera, Udacity.

In addition to providing mentoring, training, and real-life project experiences, the platform will also
assist participants in networking with industry, resume services, job search, and recruiting.