Bridging the gap between you and the industry 

We are a non- profit organization providing a platform where anyone interested in a career in the Technology/IT industry can gain experience to help position them to land their dream job or start their own business. We work with Black, African American, other minority communities, women returning to the workforce and anyone who wants to reskill, upgrade their skills or are just returning to the workforce after time off.  

Our mission – Provide a platform where anyone interested in a Technology career can gain practical experience to help them get that dream job. Whether you are new to information technology or experienced and returning after taking a break, ITExperience recognizes the special challenges that come with your search and can help make the journey easier. 

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We reach out to industry experts to engage them as Mentors for the ITExperience community. Our mentors provide technical expertise to help guide you through your projects and connect you to networking opportunities. The help of a mentor can positively impact your job search as well as your confidence in your ability to do the job once you get it. 

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Are you looking for an opportunity to become more confident in a newly acquired technology skill? ITExperience is always looking for technology volunteers. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to flex your skills, work and collaborate with a team, get some practical experience that you can easily speak to on your resume. If you are skilled in web page development, digital marketing, UI/UX design or are just interested, don’t hesitate to check out our volunteer page. 

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For those who want to learn a new skill or upgrade an existing skill set, we offer several in person and online instructor led training. We also have other networking events including tech webinars, technology panel discussions and interview preparation workshops throughout the year  

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