Getting into IT with no experience? We don't just make it possible - we make it guaranteed. At ITExperience, we believe that everyone should have access to the tools and resources they need to get their dream job in the technology industry. That's why we provide a free IT training program where anyone can gain the required experience, earn the industry's top certifications, and build their resume, helping them land that dream job or start their own IT business.


Bridging the gap between you and the industry

At ITExperience, our mission is to empower individuals aspiring to pursue a career in the technology field by equipping them with the practical experience and essential skills necessary to fulfill their aspirations. We are dedicated to establishing an inclusive platform that transcends barriers of background and experience, granting access to a wide array of tools and resources tailored to facilitate success in the technology industry. Our overarching objective is to redefine the approach to IT job searches, providing a comprehensive and all-encompassing platform that effectively addresses the unique challenges faced by individuals entering or re-entering the field. With ITExperience, individuals from underrepresented, minority backgrounds, women, etc. can confidently acquire the skills they need to secure their desired positions and flourish in the technology industry. 

Our Programs

We offer a wide range of free online IT training programs designed to help you stay up to date with the latest industry trends and technologies.

IBM SkillsBuild Training Program

Free courses in Cybersecurity, Data Analytics, and more

Google Career Certificates

Certificates in UX Design, Project Management, and more

Splunk Training Programs

Become a Splunk Core Certified User and learn in-demand skills

Digital Skills for Justice Impacted Individuals

Skill building for those impacted by the justice system

IBM SkillsBuild Mentorship

Connect with a mentor and receive guidance and advice

Blessing Akpan

"I’m a beneficiary and I’m still on the course. What they do is sponsor your learning on Coursera by giving you full access to all the Google PMC courses with certification free of charge."

Faniyan Tunde Jr.

"Much Thanks to Google and ITExperience INC. for a wonderful scholarship opportunity!!!"

Reeves Wonserleh Yeeplah

"All you need to do is to check out with ITExperience INC., BIT Foundation create a membership account, and apply for their scholarship. Prepare your Resume for the scholarship process! You should get going in just one and a half weeks."

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